Arduino DIY: MPU 6050 Tutorial – Arduino Uno [Gyro&Accelero](3D Teapot Demo)

Quality Note*** I understand you cannot really see my code on my screen, I appologize however I have taken the time to pack the INO, PDE, libraries, and any other files I use. They are available for free in the downloadable RAR below. I spend quite a bit of my time making these tutorials and II do not get paid to make them. I just share knowledge with friends. PLEASE reconsider when leaving a dislike.. These ratings are very important to me and will determine whether I continue releasing tutorials. ****

Want to get your MPU 6050 interfaced and tested with your Arduino? Watch this video, note the Pin Outs, download the Libraries I packed for you guys below, and most of all, Have FUN!!
** If you have ANY questions at all please let me know! I enjoy helping others with their projects’!!**

Download the files below! I packed them in a convenient RAR for you all and uploaded to my Google Drive 🙂 Cheers ****
Download the libraries here:

If you have done a fresh library install of processing and you have not used it before, Please read these guides to install the processing library:

Credit and Thanks go to Jeff Rowberg for his awesome sketches and library compilations.

SCL – A5
SDA – A4
VCC – 3.3V

If you want to purchase this breakout board this is where I purchased :
$2.69 CAD


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